AIME Atlantic City 2019

We just got back from a fantastic week in Atlantic City! Ryan was asked to speak at the Association of Independent Mortgage Experts (AIME) as a Mortgage Marketing and Social Video Expert. How cool is that to be recognized in your industry as a leader and influencer?
Hard Rock Hotel – Atlantic City
So what is Independent Mortgage? It means that we are loan officers that work independently/outside of the big banks. We are very proud to be mortgage brokers! Essentially we are a small business-Ehler Lending Team, working under a brokerage/license which is another small business-Price Mortgage. Back to the fun stuff though…
Doesn’t he look so handsome?!
It was quite a transition to go from Mountain time to East Coast Time? Atlantic Time? Wow, I really have no idea right now, I’m sure it will hit me at 2 am. Anyways, it was 3 hours ahead, so when we had to be up at 6 to get ready, that was 3 am AZ time and we left to go to the airport at 4 am the morning before. Ryan wanted to get in a run before getting ready to work out some of his jitters and I have to say, you can’t get much better of a view for a treadmill run!
We got to listen to some amazing presenters who were so knowledgable and passionate about not only our industry but how best to help our borrowers and grow our businesses. You would think that in a room of 500 of your biggest competitors people would be keeping their best ideas to themselves, but that definitely wasn’t the case. Everyone was giving their “A” material and genuinely offering support.
Ryan and his #1 fan!
Ryan was very nervous, but he crushed his presentation! I recorded it, but unfortunately my video skills are not as good as his. I went LIVE on facebook instead of recording so it turned out to be blurry and horrible quality Lucky for us though, the Scotsman’s Guide magazine loved his speech so much that they had Ryan write a print article with the same content! Check out “3 tips for Social Media Success” by Ryan Ehler.
It was so cool to see Ryan’s name on the big sign!
We had an amazing experience where we not only learned a lot but connected with amazing people who we share so much in common with. Essentially we are all small business owners who are trying to offer the best service and the best product but competing with the big money advertising of the corporate lenders. Even though we are technically all competing against each other as well, there was almost a brother/sisterhood of having each others’ backs. It was very inspiring and we are excited to be able to participate at the AIME Fuse Conference in Las Vegas in October! Watch out Sin City, the Ehlers are coming for you!
Ryan & Jessica Ehler Loan Officer

Ryan & Jessica Ehler

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